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The National Atomic Museum provides several ways to take advantage of our professional development opportunities which are designed to provide educators at all levels a chance to deepen content knowledge and strengthen pedagogy in science and technology. Our hands-on, inquiry-based workshops address state and national learning standards, and allow you to work at your own pace.  We offer workshops locally and through our outreach program to the southern part of New Mexico. Book a workshop at the National Atomic Museum or have our educators come to you for an In-Service Day or summer workshop.

Please visit our reservations page to submit a request for any of the following workshops.

The Cold War Era: Take the Chill Out of Teaching This Era
(on-site at museum)
Let us help you bring this exciting and terrifying period of history to life in your classroom. We will provide you with lots of experiential ideas to make the Cold War Era seem not so chilly to teach or to learn. This workshop focuses on New Mexico history and its connections and impact on the world around us. Appropriate for high school level.
NM Standards: Social Studies, Science, Language Arts

CPS�The Formalization of The Museum Educational Experience
(on-site at museum)
Classroom Performance System is an interactive learning environment where the teacher sets up a lesson in the CPS software, hooks a data projector to the computer, and students participate in the lesson through the use of remote controlled keypads. CPS allows museum educators to provide teachers a more formalized educational experience. Let our education staff teach you how to use CPS to create a Learning Adventures which incorporates authentic assessment.
Appropriate for all grade levels

Beyond the Robot Shop: Robotics, Ideas, & Fun
We have designed this workshop to enhance the Up �N� Atom Mobile Robot Shop. This program is primarily for elementary and mid-school teachers, and will focus on the history, principles, and uses of robots. We will also demonstrate fun ways to utilize the robots once we have left your school so that students get the most out of their Up �N� Atom Mobile student workshop.
NM Standards: Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts

The History of Post WWII: Duck & Cover Yesterday & Today
This program is designed to help teachers teach New Mexico and U.S. history �after the bomb.� We will provide curriculum development ideas which will focus on the use of popular culture, primary and secondary resources, and activities that will enhance the teacher�s curriculum in Post WWII history and today with current events relating to the legacy of the Cold War.
NM Standards: Social Studies, Language Arts, Fine Arts

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